Computer Purchase

Discounts for Students, Faculty and Staff

The University of Pittsburgh has agreements with some of today's leading computer manufacturers to offer top-quality computers at discounted prices.

That means Pitt students, faculty and staff can purchase computer systems for personal use at special educational prices.


Visit the Apple’s Education Pricing website for University of Pittsburgh to shop discounts on Macs, iPads and more.

Note: The University Store on Fifth stocks the latest Apple assortment and offers year-round Apple educational pricing for students, alumni, staff and faculty. There are also payroll-deduction options for eligible staff and faculty members.


Visit Dell’s Member Purchase Program for University of Pittsburgh discounts. (If requested, enter membership ID: US126277402)

Note: Pitt IT also has a Dell custom URL at that lists a few standardized models that are discounted and available for personal purchase.

Buyer’s Checklist

Before buying any computer system, consider the following suggestions and tips:

  1. Pitt IT provides recommended minimum requirements for new computers. These are updated every year based on the minimum computer requirements of the most popular software packages.
  2. Check with your school or department for its computer system recommendations and/or requirements.
  3. Consider estimated delivery times when choosing a vendor and product configuration.
  4. Determine vendor prices carefully. The total cost of your purchase includes the various system components, warranty length and coverage, and other charges such as shipping and handling.
  5. Computer companies periodically offer special promotions. Always check the vendor's public website before making a purchase and be sure to carefully consider all costs (including shipping and handling) before making a decision. Shipping and handling charges may not appear until an order is in the shopping cart and ready to be placed.
  6. Record all information provided by the vendor such as toll-free support numbers, web addresses for delivery tracking, and order confirmation numbers.
  7. Carefully read the vendor sales agreement, as each vendor has its own warranty, shipping and return policies.
  8. Check and compare the vendor warranty information. You may wish to purchase additional warranties for parts and labor, on-site support, and phone/online tech support.
  9. Many manufacturers offer software pre-installed on their systems. Though this can be convenient, Pitt students are eligible for numerous software applications at reduced or no cost. Many applications can even be downloaded from Pitt's Software Download Service via My Pitt (
  10. Upon receipt of your computer, be sure to fully test all the equipment and software you received. If you experience any problems, contact your vendor's technical support number.
  11. In addition to contacting the vendor for warranty support, you may also contact the 24/7 IT Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (4357) with computer-related questions and problems. Visit the Information Technology Website for additional information on computing topics and available support services.


The University of Pittsburgh does not endorse any particular vendor or computer system. All purchases made through this program are made directly with the respective vendors, not through the University of Pittsburgh. Questions about products should be directed to the vendors themselves. Trademarks are property of their respective owners.