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ActivEpi Web, a free on-line interactive multi-media textbook on epidemiology concepts and methods.

ActivEpi Web can be accessed at http://activepi.herokuapp.com. The author’s website at http://www.activepi.com provides further details about the sign-up process for ActivEpi as well as freely available supporting materials including Power-Point presentations that can be used for classroom instruction. Also, this latter website describes how to freely access ActivEpi Espanol, which is a translation of the CD ROM into Spanish.


LogoThe Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN) is a newly formed, voluntary public-private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to identifying and implementing innovative solutions – based on the science of energy balance – to prevent and reduce diseases associated with inactivity, poor nutrition and obesity.

There are other epidemiology and global health resources available, in the form of

HomePublic Health capacity building in low- to middle-income countries  Internet based online learning using Open Education Resources -  People's Open Access Education Initiative: Peoples-uni



The Central Asian Journal of Global Health (CAJGH), Official Journal of the Global Health Network Supercourse project

The Central Asian Journal of Global Health is the first official journal of the Global Health Supercourse network of over 50,000 individuals in 174 countries and a library of over 5200 lectures in public health and medicine. Our aim is to develop one of the leading journals in Central Asia and the world. The website is - http://cajgh.pitt.edu  

    NEW JOURNAL - Public Health Reviews

    Public Health Reviews was a journal published for approximately 30 years in Israel that has subsequently gone out of print. Our current mission is to relaunch the journal aiming for a broader scope and impact than the original. The journal will be published on a semesterly basis. PHR will be open source, available freely online, with printed copies provided for a fee.

    The website is www.publichealthreviews.eu

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