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ASA TEAM: Megan Murphy  Fritz Scheuren  Ron Wasserstein and others
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Haverford College: Shannon Mudd, Norm Medeiros and others
ICES Resource Centre Team: Lawrence F. Paszat   Therese A. Stukel   Don De Boer   Ana Chu Sean Chu  Ruth Croxford  Ruth Hall   J. I. Williams and others
J & J TEAM: Jesse Berlin  Mary Wacholtz  Marsha Wilcox and others
McDougall Scientific Ltd. Team: John Amrhein Janet McDougall and others
RSS TEAM: Peter Diggle  Joanna Paraszczuk  Hetan Shah and RSS Executive Committee
SER TEAM: Sue Bevan  Bernard Leslie Harlow an others
SUPERCOURSE TEAM: Musa Kana  Ronald LaPorte  Faina Linkov  Eric Marler  Francis Ohanyido  Francois Sauer  Eugene Shubnikov and others

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