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Joint effort can help solve big problems (Chinese quote)



Got Books?


We invite you to donate your research methods books for bright young minds in Arab and African countries. The generosity of experts in research methods is amazing and it is most joyful to work together to help solve the big problem of Stataphobia. We are very pleased with the statistics experts, as many have provided many books from their collections, and we invite you to join this global joint effort.


We have 5 scientific societies representing 130,000 individuals who have agreed to help us obtain research methods books for the BA Serageldin Library of Alexandria.  About 30-50000 faculty will attend their meetings. We will ask the attendees to bring with them several research methods books where they will be put into a collection box, and afterwards shipped to the library of Alexandria.  Those endorsing the effort or tentatively agreeing are Society for Epidemiologic research, Statistical Society of Canada, American College of Sports Medicine, American College of Epidemiology, Joint Statistical Meeting. 


We also want to have you and others to put a collection box in your department, other research departments  and lobby.  Friends from Harvard, Pittsburgh, GW and NC have their boxes set up, and are even collecting in other departments.


Can you create a research methods book drop  in your school/industry?  Please help organize during this  week! (if you would like to join, contact me


In the next week we should have the address as to where to send the research methods books


 The Library of Alexandria the beacon of  libraries throughout history and world wide.  Libraries are the repository  of knowledge, free thinking and dialogue. We are honored for all the libraries in the world.  We are proud  for all us to help build the Library of Alexandria into a major force for science, libraries, research methods, and global knowledge. Please honor the BA Serageldin library of Alexandria.


"We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together"  (Richardson)



Ronald LaPorte, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus and former WHO Collaborating Centre Director

Department of Epidemiology

University of Pittsburgh


Ismail Serageldin, Ph.D.


Library of Alexandria

Alexandria, Egypt


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