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Learning research methods without a book is like learning to ride, without a bicycle. 
Plans for next Book Donation 

We are seeking to establish an annual ASA book collection to donate books to the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. Our goal is to create statistical equity so that a student in Chad has the same access to statistics books as a student in Harvard. The collection date would be Oct. 16 (Deming’s birthday and the inauguration of the Library of Alexandria).

I am thinking that we target Oct 16, but accept books throughout October.


You can still send your books directly to the Library of Alexandria.Tell your friends as well. Please send your books to Hend. Check first to see the cost of shipping and then figure out how many books you can send.   

Hend El- Shennawy
Head of Administrative Operations Department
Library of Alexandria
Chatby 21526
Alexandria, EGYPT


Ronald E. LaPorte, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Contact us at
We very much appreciate your help.  It will be grand having your books rubbing elbows with Euclid and us.
The books will take about 3 months to be curated
A name plate will be included in each book of the donor
The donor's name will be included in our donor page  Contact Us if you would like to be in our donors list.
You will be spending the next 400 years talking with Euclid, and grand statistics experts










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