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This lecture is based on my Master thesis dissertation submitted as part of my Master of Public Health Degree qualifying exams to University of Maastricht, the Netherlands 2002. For full details on the Master thesis please contact me at

This it must be stated is not a discourse into the knowledge of health according to Islam but a mere attempt to shade some light into a few concepts of Islam that have a bearing on health. May it be an inspiration for others to explore further the teachings of Islam in pursuit of health for all. May Allah grant me His mercy for any mistakes that might have occurred in trying to present a picture of Health Promotion in Islam.

May I take this opportunity to acknowledge the following:

To those who donít even know me, but granted me permission to make use of their internet based resources, the Muslim Student association, University of California, N. Ruck from the UK whose lecture under this series inspired me, and Abed of Birzeit University, Palestine. May Allah bestow on you, all that is good in this world and the hereafter, Amen.

Maulana. A. O. (2002)