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This is my 4th slide...This pub-med abstract of a review of the case-study method (the full text is available online) is just to point out the source of my statement about the case report being a potential “portrayal of multi-faceted explorations of complex issues in the patent’s real-life setting.”


Now how is a case study different from a case report or are they same? “The Case-Study method is essentially a qualitative research tool and has evolved from a disease-focused case-report approach to a modern day multifaceted approach that does not look at just the disease from a point of view of a clinical expert but also looks at the patient’s values and preferences and many believe that patient values are an important but often overlooked component of evidence based practice.


This is one of the reasons BMJ Case Reports has incorporated a ‘Patient’s perspective’ feature that gives you the opportunity to invite your patients to write about themselves and share their innermost thoughts with the world (anonymously and with informed consent solely as per their wishes).