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My third slide...Case Reporting is always the beginning in clinical research. Just one report may not fetch you the Nobel prize but it may be able to raise a prize winning research question and that question can become a game changer in medicine. J


Some of you may be intrigued with the hypothesis mentioned in the first slide. I mean why should a “case-report mindset lead to better learning and patient-care?” Well one of the possible reasons is that: Most faculty would not take any chances with their cases if they were to be always made aware that whatever they do for their case would eventually get published and shared with the world. No faculty would want to look as if they had not done the ‘right’ thing for their patients.


But then does this mean that there will be a rise in needless investigations where patients would have to pay the price of making a worthier case report? NO! Simply because that is not the RIGHT thing to do for your patient. Health professionals in all institutes can just keep working with whatever resources they and their patients can manage and still frame a case report worthy of publication often through a portrayal of the multi-faceted explorations of complex issues in the patent’s real-life setting. Now, I guess the last statement is particularly heavy so i have a slide coming up next to clarify that. J