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We move on to our 5th slide...I believe all institutions around the globe should grab the opportunity to document their day to day patient centred learning experiences in this Pubmed Indexed Case Reports platform in the broader interest of patient care. I can see some of you in KMC, Manipal are already into this process as you have already published in BMJ Case Reports. Globally there are 6000+ cases published in this Pub-med indexed platform today and it keeps growing everyday. Most patients with illnesses lasting more than a month can be published as each and every patient has certain illness characteristics or (multiple facets) that are unique and worthy of shared-learning. The trick is to cultivate an approach that enables us to identify those facets in most of our patients. J


One way to go about cultivating the case-study approach would be to also take advantage of web based platforms where you can actually share your raw cases with others (after having taken informed consent and authorization from the patient and taking care to remove patient identifiers as per available guidelines). This web based sharing will enable you to obtain further insights on how to unpack the multiple facets of your case and build up a more meaningful discussion in your report.


We are already running such a platform in collaboration with the BMJ Case Reports where we encourage medical students and faculty to post their cases (after appropriate authorization from their patients) and learn asynchronously together with other online medical students and faculty present in our platform. There are mechanisms underway to integrate it with automated search algorithms where simply posting your case automatically brings up similar cases from the BMJ Case Reports database.


We have been trying to develop this online learning ecosystem over the last few years in our bid to integrate medical education with practice and we shall be happy for other institutes to join in and help to spread this model further in the best interests of the primary beneficiaries of medical education (aka patients). J