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Facilities and Field Equipment

The Sedimentology, Sediment Geochemistry, and Radiocarbon Geochemistry Laboratories

The sedimentology facility at the University of Pittsburgh contains standard laboratory equipment for the routine analysis of lacustrine sediment cores including drying ovens, muffle furnaces, microscopes, centrifuges, water baths, and balances. The facility includes an automated magnetic susceptibility track and ME2EI sensor as well as a variety of loop sensors. Imaging equipment for core feature archival purposes is available and includes a full spectrum light box and camera for gray-scale and color change measurements. Facilities are also available for the extraction and isolation of sediment biogenic components including carbonate microfossils, diatoms, pollen, and biomarkers. The facility includes two 200 square foot cold rooms for sediment core storage and an AMS radiocarbon preparation line dedicated for work on lacustrine samples.

Field Equipment

Field equipment includes an array of lake sediment coring devices (surface corers, square-rod piston corers, UWITEC, and vibrational corers), as well as inflatable boats, kayaks, and white water rafts. A 9-cm diameter UWITEC corer with a tripod system allows recovery of wide diameter piston cores from as much as 150 meters water depth. This system has a locking piston and a 2-meter core barrow allowing the collection of multiple drives from the same hole. Triton Elics International Edge Tech seismic survey equipment is available for sub-bottom profiling. The system is complete with a suite of processing and georeferencing software. Water and sediment sampling equipment is also available for limnological analyses including Hydrolab Quanta-G and Mini-Sonde devices.


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