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My research interests include sedimentology, paleolimnology, paleoclimatology, and climate variability over a wide range of timescales.  I combine field and lab studies to document and date late Quaternary climate changes from lake sediments and other terrestrial records.  The emphasis of my current fieldwork is to identify lakes that contain high-resolution sediment records to investigate recent environmental change.  The interdisciplinary nature of this ongoing research allows me to work on a wide range of projects and collaborate with geologists, biologists, chemists, and archeologists in geographically diverse locations from the tropics to the arctic.  Current projects include studies in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, New England, the North Cascades, Alaska, the Yukon Territory, Ellesmere Island, and Greece.

There are two central goals of my research: (1) develop time series of natural climatic variability and (2) combine studies from multiple catchments within a region to identify patterns and potential mechanisms for climatic change and long distance/inter-hemispheric teleconnections.  Increasingly, my research is aimed at identifying climatic shifts, in particular water balance changes, that occur over timescales relevant to humans.  This approach couples extensive fieldwork in remote locations with detailed laboratory analyses of sediment cores, modern samples to constrain down-core interpretations, and seismic profiling of lake basins.

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