Graduate faculty: alphabetical

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Drew Armstrong (PhD, Columbia) Director of Architectural Studies and Assistant Professor, 18th- and 19th-century European and North American art and architecture

Kathleen Christian (PhD, Harvard) Assistant Professor, Italian Renaissance art

Josh Ellenbogen (PhD, Chicago) Assistant Professor, history of photography

Karen Gerhart (PhD, University of Kansas) Associate Professor, premodern Japanese art

Katheryn Linduff (PhD, University of Pittsburgh) UCIS Research Professor, ancient Chinese art and archaeology

Barbara McCloskey (PhD, Northwestern) Associate Professor, modern German art

Gao Minglu (PhD, Harvard) Associate Professor, contemporary Chinese art

Kirk Savage (PhD, UC Berkeley) Chair of the Department and Associate Professor, art of the United States

Terry Smith (PhD, Sydney University) Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Contemporary Art

Alison Stones (PhD, Courtauld Institute) Professor, medieval art

Ann Sutherland Harris (PhD, Courtauld Institute) Professor, Italian Baroque art

Frank Toker (PhD, Harvard) Professor, Italian medieval architecture

Anne Weis (PhD, Bryn Mawr) Associate Professor, ancient Greek and Roman art

Emeritus Faculty

Fil Hearn (PhD, University of Indiana) Professor Emeritus, medieval architecture

Aaron Sheon, Professor Emeritus, 19th-century French art

David Wilkins, Professor Emeritus, Italian Renaissance art

John Williams Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, medieval art and architecture

Other faculty

Gretchen Bender (PhD, Bryn Mawr) Director of Undergraduate Advising and Visiting Lecturer, modern art

Derek Churchill (MPhil, Yale) Visual Resources Curator and Lecturer, northern Renaissance art

Josienne Piller (MA, University of Pittsburgh) Director of University Art Gallery and Visiting Lecturer, modern art