Katheryn M. Linduff

(PhD, University of Pittsburgh), joint appointment in the Department of Anthropology, UCIS Research Professor, ancient Chinese and Eurasian art and archaeology

Room 128, Frick Fine Arts Building

phone: 412-648-2409

E-mail: linduff@pitt.edu

In college Katheryn Linduff began as a mathematics major, something which she was good at and that fed her interest in problem solving. In her third year, Linduff was required to take an introductory course in art history—she had a great teacher who inspired her to switch majors and enter the world of art historical studies. This was during the period of the Vietnam War and Linduff, as many of her contemporaries, did not even know where Vietnam was or why Americans were there. She decided to take a course on Asia and was hooked. From there she began to study the Chinese language and arts. Linduff completed graduate school, undertook research, and engaged in the study of Chinese art history in Taiwan, and a PhD in early Chinese art and archaeology followed.

Since completing her PhD, Linduff has taught at state universities, believing that excellent public education is essential to a sane America. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in Chinese and Eurasian art and archaeology. Her current research focuses on cultural diversity in ancient society, especially on the relationship between the early Chinese and other groups who lived at her borders and who were contributors to early Chinese culture. She travels to China and Eurasia each year for research and is currently running a project that is surveying and excavating in southern Inner Mongolia.

Selected publications:

Gender and Chinese Archaeology, Katheryn M. Linduff and Sun Yan, (eds.) Beijing: Kexue Press (2006)

Art Past/Art Present, Prentice-Hall & Abrams (coauthors: David Wilkins, Bernard Schultz), fifth edition (July 2004)

Gender and Chinese Archaeology, Katheryn M. Linduff and Sun Yan (eds.), AltaMira Press, (June 2004)

The Beginnings of Metallurgy from the Urals to the Yellow Rivers, Katheryn M. Linduff (ed.), Mellen Press, (April 2004)

Chifeng International Archaeological Research Project, Regional Settlement Survey in Eastern Inner Mongolia: A Methodological Exploration, Beijing: Science Press (2003)

Contemporary Chinese Societies, CD-ROM (co-Chair, Evelyn Rawski), with China Studies Faculty, University of Pittsburgh) CD-ROM, Columbia University Press (March 2001) (multimedia)

The Emergence of Metallurgy in China, Lewiston, Queenston, Lampeter: Edwin Mellen Press (2000)

Ancient Bronzes of the Eastern Eurasian Steppes: The Arthur M. Sackler Collection, Sackler/Freer Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, New York: Abrams, 1997 (Emma C. Bunker, with Trudy Kawami, KML, Wu En)


Provost's Mentoring Award, University of Pittsburgh, 2006

Current Research Funding: National Science Foundation, for Early Complex Societies in North China: the Chifeng International Collaborative Research Project

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Grant for Survey and Excavation in Inner Mongolia

Current projects:

Through the Looking Glass: Visualizing Place and Others in China. A book-length project: including sections on “Barbarians in Antiquity”

New Research Directions in Eurasian Steppe Archaeology: The Emergence of Complex Societies in the Third to First Millennia BCE - with Bryan Hanks (Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh)

Gender and Eurasian Archaeology, with Karen Rubinson (Department of Anthropology, Barnard College) an edited volume

Regional Lifeways and Cultural Remains in the Northern Corridor: A Cooperative Project among the University of Pittsburgh, Jilin University, The Inner Mongolia Institute of Archaeology, and The Hebrew University. Project Report