(H.) Anne Weis

(PhD, Bryn Mawr College) Associate Professor, ancient Greek and Roman art

Room 207, Frick Fine Arts Building

Phone: 412-648-2415

E-mail: weis@pitt.edu

Anne Weis’s teaching covers a broad swath of the ancient world, emphasizing, within broader surveys, topics of current interest for her research, e.g. the reception of antiquity in later European/American scholarship and culture, and the relationship between commerce, consumption, and art/architectural production in antiquity.

Her publications have dealt with the Roman reception of Greek iconography and style (The Hanging Marsyas Statue: Roman Innovations in a Hellenistic Sculptural Tradition, 1992, articles on Sperlonga, the Ficoroni cista, et al.), the reception and restoration of ancient statuary, and the impact of entrepreneurism on Roman material culture, specifically the production of luxuries and city planning  (see below).

Recent Publications:

Liberalitas and Lucrum in Republican City Planning:  Plautus (Curc. 466–83) and L. Betilienus Vaarus” in A. Haltenhoff, A. Heil, F.H. Mutschler eds., Römische Werte als Gegenstand altertumswissenschaftlicher Forschung (Beiträge zur Altertumskunde, Munich and Leipzig, 2005)

"Gaius Verres and the Roman Art Market: Consumption and Connoisseurship in Late Republican Rome," in A. Haltenhoff, A. Heil, F.H. Mutschler eds., "O tempora, O mores." Römische Werte und römische Literatur in den letzten Jahrzehnten der Republik (Beiträge zur Altertumskunde, Munich and Leipzig, 2003) 355–400

"Odysseus at Sperlonga: Hellenistic Hero or Roman Heroic Foil?" in N.T. de Grummond ed., From Pergamum to Sperlonga: Sculpture in Context (Berkeley, Calif., 2000) 111–65


Rome Prize, 1979–80

Current projects:

“The Architecture of Opportunity in Late Republican Italy”

“Pittsburgh's First Courthouse and Market: Architecture and Civic Ambition on the Late Eighteenth-Century Frontier”

“Mr. Carnegie’s Casts:  A Late Nineteeth-Century View of the Ancient World”

 “Fictive Environments in Hellenistic and Roman Republican Art”