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Graduate Students

Adam Large
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Adam is from Los Angeles California. He earned his AB at the University of Chicago in Biology with minors in Linguistics and Statistics. He began his studies in microbiology, but later switched to neuroscience. Adam worked with Steven Small in the Human Neuroscience Laboratory, where they used fMRI to study sine-wave speech perception.

Undergraduate Students

Nathan Vogler
Thomas Diehl
Elisabeta Blandin


Jason Rampelt

Jason joined the Oswald Lab as a technician in August 2012. He previously worked in the Fanselow Lab in the Dept. of Neurobiology at the University of Pittsburgh doing immunohistochemistry and imaging, viral injections in mice for optogenetics, multiwire electrode implantation in rats, and custom multiwire electrode fabrication. Education includes: Case Western Reserve University (BA, Philosophy); Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia (MAR, ThM); University of Pennsylvania (MA, Philosophy); Cambridge University (PhD, History and Philosophy of Science). In 2006-2009, Jason was a post-doctoral researcher at The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. He is currently working on two books: Analogies of God: Theology in Scientific Creativity and, The Academy Gates: John Wallis and the Transformation of Oxford in the Seventeenth Century. He is a contributor to Wince + Sing.

Zachary Doyle


Brent Doiron

Dept. of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
Theoretical Neuroscience Research Group

Anne-Marie Oswald


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