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Doctors and Managers come often from different Social and Educational backgrounds. They rarely socialise.
Doctors have a long training in a University environment, their clinical experience may be confined to a very small area.They have a particular medical jargon They are Specialists.
Managers, after a first degree learn, through working in different areas of health care and are promoted on merit. Further qualifications come less from Universities and more from Institutes-Accounting,Administration etc. They are generalists.
Managers work mainly a 9-5pm day-often much more………doctors are often on call at night and weekends and work long hours in theatre, clinic or ward.
They are paid differently.
Managers-salaries, bonuses, share options,performance related pay.
Doctors-salaries, fees,retainers.
Managers have less job security-they often take the blame and lose their job while to further their careers they often need to move on regularly after 2-3 years in a post.
Doctors,once appointed in a career post, may stay in the same job for many years. They have considerable job security.
Doctors who become Managers move into a very different world-Managers do not become Doctors!