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1.What benefits does the CPP provide?
2.Who pays into the CPP?
3. How much do I pay into the CPP?
4.Why are my contributions important?
5.What is my "contributory period" and how is it used?
6. If I had some low-earning years, will that reduce my pension?
7. How does the CPP keep track of my contributions?
8. How do I find out how much I have contributed?
9.Who is a "spouse"?
10.What are CPP "pension credits"?
11.What is "credit splitting"?
12.What is "assignment" or "pension sharing"?
13.What happens if I pay into the Quebec Pension Plan?
14.What happens if I lived or worked in another country?
15.Can I have my payments deposited directly to my bank account?
16.Can I receive my CPP payments outside Canada?
17.Will I get cost-of-living increases?
18.What if I am incapable of applying?
19.What can I do if I disagree with a CPP decision that affects me?
20.Who can see the information on my CPP file?
21.Can I see the information on my file?
22. Are my CPP payments taxable?
23. Are there other Government of Canada benefits for which I may be eligible?
24. Do my CPP benefits affect the amount I receive from other programs?
25.What is the legislative history of the CPP?
26. How is the CPP financed?
27. How has the CPP investment policy changed?
28.Will provinces continue to borrow CPP funds?
29. How do I request a review of my CPP account to ensure I am receiving my full benefit entitlement?
The above topics can be compared with those given by other countries like Sweden that have successfully developed excellent longevities.