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Biochemistry would seek to ascertain what is lacking and supply it in the form needed.

Two kinds of substances are needed in he process of tissue building, and bouth are found in the blood, namely the organic and the inorganic constituents.

Organic are: fats, sugar,a lbuminous substance

Inorganic are: water and salts, namely potash, lime silica, iron, magnesium, and sodium.

Alfred Binet, a french scientist of note, in his work "The Psychic Life of Micro-organisms," says: "The micro-organisms do not nourish themselves indiscriminately, ……..The choice is sometimes quite defined……"

German scientist the great Virchow, published his work "Virchow’s Cellular Pathology" demonstrated that the cells which build the human form also selects their own foodrfrom the material at hand, and that nothing foreign to their constituent parts can be forced upon them, except to produce injury or death.

Though these notable scientists recorded and aided in advancement of cellar activities they did not lay down the law of cure.

The work of formulating a system of medicine and proclaiming to the world the basic law of cure was at last discovered, remained from Dr. Schuessler.

It must be noted that the very essence of the system of medicine using biochemical cell salts, makes it compatible with other forms of medical disciplines what ever they may be.