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A beautiful monument was erected by his friends in recognition of his great contribution to medical science.

Dr. Schuessler Says: " The inorganic substance in the blood and tissues are sufficient to heal all diseases which are curable at all. The question whether this of that disease is or is not dependent on the existence of fungi, germs or bacilli is of no importance in the biochemic treatment because this treatment goes to the basic cause of the trouble, and , by supplying to the cell the cell-salts needed for a normal condition to exist, thereby destroys the breeding place for the fungi, germs, of bacilli. If the remedies are used according to the symptoms, the desired end, that of curing disease, will be gained in the logical natural way. Long-standing, chronic diseases, which have been aggravated by overdosing, excessive use of such medicines as quinine, mercury, etc., can be cured by minute doses of cell-salts."

"Nature works only with atoms, or groups of atoms, termed molecules. The growth of animals and plants is a synthesis process, atoms or groups of atoms joining the already existing mass of molecules. Every biochemic remedy must be diluted, so that the functions of healthy cells are not disturbed, and so that functional disturbances, when present, can be corrected" (from Schuessler’s ‘Therapeutics")