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We stand now at the beginning of a new stage of development in our profession. This new period will be characterized by more attention to evidence based models of prevention, diagnosis and treatment with the goal of developing the most cost effective health care delivery to out public.

There will be more emphasis on serving the public actively, assisting them to achieve their best health through preventive medicine. With improvements in preventive screening tests, computer modeling and predictions based on large database analysis, preventive medicine is becoming more predictable than ever.

It is time to use the science developed by our researchers in our public research institutions to change clinical practice. We need to move away from antiquated, surgically oriented methods towards a brighter future of prevention.

In the future we will do much more screening using some of the brilliantly conceived tests developed and we will reduce our reliance on surgery as well as improving outcomes.

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Treatment can be more effective, less painful and less costly. These advantages are a reality today in my practice and in the clinics of many dentists who have trained with the International Dental Health Foundation. WEBSITE

Unfortunately, there are very few of us who practice in this modern manner so the vast majority of patients do not have access to these advanced methods. I believe as a profession we can change this reality and bring the advanced treatments to the entire public of the United States and the world.