(70) Legacy Lectures from Nobel Prize Laureates (35)

Alfred Nobel

Baruch S. Blumberg (5) - Australia Antigen and the Biology of Hepatitis B  in Chinese  HEPATITIS B VIRUS. Discovery and Development    Hepatitis B Virus.Discovery, the Present, and the Future    HEPATITIS B VIRUS: COMMENTS ON VIRAL AND HUMAN EVOLUTION CONSCIOUSNESS IN HUMANS AND ELSEWHERE 

James W. Cronin (6)- Properties of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays from The Pierre Auger Observatory    Auger Northern Observatory  Pierre Auger Observatory    Detection ot the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays    Solving the Mystery of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays: 1938 to 2007 cosmic rays    The Highest Energy Cosmic Rays. Propagation and Detection


Carol Greider (1)- Telomerase and the consequence of telomere dysfunction

Leland H. Hartwell (1)- Yeast and cancer

Gerard ’t Hooft (6)- Black Holes and Quantum Physics    Humanity in the Cosmos   Gravitational waves    Models for Confinement   Complex Transformations and the Cosmological Constant Problem    A Confrontation with Infinity

Brian D. Josephson (3)- A Critical Point for Science?    How we might be able to Understand the Brain    Unconventional Ideas in Science

Eric R. Kandel (1)- Molecular Biology of Memory: A Dialogue Between Genes and Synapses

Klaus von Klitzing (2)-  25 Years Quantum Hall Effect. Part I   Part II

Joshua Lederberg (1)- Microbial Threats to Health in the United States: Natural and Manmade

David M Lee (1)- Los Alamos National Laboratory Heavy Ion Program

Yuan Tseh Lee (2)- Awakening of the Humanity in the 21st Century    Presentation for ICSU Presidential Election


Jean-Marie Lehn (1)- Three-level Synthetic Strategy Towards Mixed-valence and Heterometallic [2×2] Gridlike Arrays

John C. Mather (3)- JWST Project Status, AAAC
 From the Big Bang to the Nobel Prize: Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) and Beyond           From COBE to the Nobel Prize and on to JWST  

Mario J. Molina (1)- The Mexico City Air Quality Case Study

Kary B. Mullis (1)- The Mexico City Air Quality Case Study

Ferid Murad (1)- Biological Effects of Nitric Oxide and its Role in Cell Signaling     YouTube Presentation

Erwin Neher (1)- Brainsignals, Synaptic Transmission and Short-term Plasticity

Paul Nurse (2)- The Great Ideas Of Biology    Cell Cycle Control 

Douglas Osheroff (2)- How Advances in Science Are Made. Part I    Part II

Elinor Ostrom (4) Halting Deforestation: Reflections from the Air, on the Ground, and in the Experimental Lab    Why Development Aid Has Failed So Often      Beyond the Tragedy of the Commons    Sustaining Social-Ecological Systems: An Ontological Approach

Martin L. Perl (3)- Creativity in Science and Engineering: Sometimes Easier, Sometimes Harder, Than You Expect    Matter, Energy, and the Universe    Proposed Terrestrial Experiment to Detect the Presence of Dark Energy Using Atom Interferometry 

John Pople (1)- Small Angle Scattering Beam Line for Materials Sciences

William D. Phillips (1)- Quantum Computing with Atoms in Optical Nanostructures

Burton Richter  (3)- GAMBLING WITH THE FUTURE: ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT AND ECONOMICS IN THE 21ST CENTURY    Nuclear Renaissance    Energy in the 21st Century

Carlo Rubbia (2)- New Horizons    Visible and Invisible Universe: A short commentary

Richard E. Smalley (2) - Nanotechnology and Energy. Be a Scientist – Save the World!    Nanotechnology – the Key to Keeping Houston the Energy Capital of the World

George F. Smoot (2)- CMB Overview: Cosmology with the CMB    A Global Cosmology Education Academy

Jack Steinberger (1)- What Future for Energy and Climate?

Susumu Tonegawa (1)- An Important Role of Neural Activity-Dependent CaMKIV Signaling in the Consolidation of Long-Term Memory

Frank Wilczek (1)- HEP 2002: Summary and Prospect

Kenneth G. Wilson (1)- The Origins of Lattice Gauge Theory

Ahmed H. Zewail - (1)Femtochemistry: Atomic-Scale Dynamics of the Chemical Bond

Rolf R. Zinkernagel (1)- Infection. Tumor Grafts. Specificity. Memory. “Tolerance“

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Links provided by Nobel Prize Laureates to their lectures:  

Wolfgang Ketterle (3):        http://cua.mit.edu/ketterle_group/Nobel/Nobel_Prize.htm    Ultracold gases –
from the experimenters’ perspective (I)
   New forms of quantum matter near absolute zero temperature

Webcasts from Nobel Prize winners: 

Jean-Marie Lehn:        Interview with Jean-Marie Lehn - Media Player at Nobelprize.org

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