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Mission: Building interdisciplinary networks of science, and improving research and training world wide with Scientific Powerpoint lectures on the web

"Fish for  Deans" Project

Global health

(Deans of Public Health and Medical schools, Heads of National medical associations and public health associations)

Our mission is to inform Deans about global health and prevention, and for the faculty to teach their students. 

Heads of Global Health Programs

Kyle Freese(USA)


 Heads of Libraries

Julianna Tambellini(USA)

Kyle Freese(USA)

Paula Neilson(USA)

A second component will be to form a global network of faculty and students for the sharing of knowledge and disasters

The Deans are the Gate keepers, and what we would like is for them to forward our message to their faculty and students

Librarian's fishing team

Ghada Farhat (Lebanon)

Ronald LaPorte (USA)

Yasmin Allarage(USA),  
Ali Sabah Abbas Al-Takmachi(UAE),
Ghada Ahmed Bedair (Egypt),
 Sonia Brar,
Jason Chiu(USA),
Elizabeth Cole(USA)
  Harsha Nair(USA)
Hennah Hashmi,
Meredith Hennon(USA), 
Violet Kasabri(Jordan),
Rupali Kumar(India),
Shai Linn(Israel),
Raul Mercer(Argentina),
Tracy Maobao(China), 

Meruert Rakhimova (Kazakhstan),
Khlood Salman (Iraq),
 Anna Sevilla(USA),

Kanat Shakenov (Kazakhstan)
 Kawkab Shishani(Jordan),

Nabil Sulaiman(UAE),

Suad Sulaiman (Sudan),
Heila Tabakhna (Palestine),
Yingyun Yang(China),
 Mazen Zenati(USA)


(Deans of Schools of Agriculture)

Agriculture Supercourse Training web site



Lubna Abdelazize(Egypt),

Mahmoud Eldeeb(Egypt),

Israa Elfayoumi(Egypt)

Mohamed Elkomy(Egypt),

Eslam Ezz (Egypt),

Rehab Ibrahim(Egypt),

Sherif Kandil(Egypt),

Shaimaa Rashwan(Egypt),

Shaimaa Samir(Egypt),

Yousra Sobeih (Egypt),

Haidy Tewfick (Egypt),

Eiman Elmasry (Egypt)

Global Voluntary activity under direction of

Ron Laporte,

Faina Linkov,

Eugene Shubnikov

Meredith Hennon

 and Supercourse Team


Lists of Fishermen and Fisherwomen enclosed or to follow

Please inform us about any mistakes and additional Fishermens

to follow





Dr.Ismail Serageldin:

SuperCourse Dreams!

Join Science Supercourse!

to follow

to follow

Lists of Deans (From "Dean's Fishing" to "Dean's Netting"

to follow

to follow

to follow

Lists of Students and Faculty (target group)

to follow

BA supercourse information on global health, and global agriculture

Cooperation with WHO's Global Health Library program. Move from dean "Fishing" to dean "netting" where we network the deans together.

WHO NCD Action plan dissemination

There are enormous possibilities in building our global scientific network of networks

Contact us at super1@pitt.edu

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