We do what we love.

And we love doing a lot of things...

We love creativity

UPTV is all about original, student produced content. From screenwriting to pre-production UPTV is centered around bringing your ideas to the group and refining them until they're ready to be made into video gold.

We love production

Writing is nice, but what really gets us up in the morning is capturing real life on camera. UPTV members get access to all of the great filmmaking equipment we have, as well as training on how to use it. Everything from HD cameras to tripods and sholder mounts, professional grade microphones and high-quality lighing, UPTV is kitted out with only the best. On top of all that, we have the beautiful city of Pittsburgh to use as the setting for all of our production.

We love editing (kinda)

I mean, editing can be kind of fun. It's a little relaxing, or something. Alright, cards on the table: editing is kind of annoying, unless you're one of those people who likes editing. However, if you are then we have the perfect studio for you! UPTV's dedicated editing computers have Final Cut Pro and the latest releases of the Adobe Creative Suite for your multimedia generating pleasure.

We love short films, sports, news and more!

We love making short films so much that we do it in twenty-four hours every few months during our Twenty-Four Hour Film Fest! Beyond that we spend time working in groups throughout the year on projects that our members want to try, like serialized TV shows or sketch comedy bits. We are also trying to start this year with news broadcasts every week! We also feature campus PSAs and sports features by Panther Sports Network on the channel! So if any of this sounds interesting to you, check our calendar or get in touch with us, because we'd love to see you in UPTV!