Research interests: I am interested in combinatorial aspects of algebraic geometry and representation theory, and their connections with convex geometry and convex polytopes. In particular, I have worked in problems related to toric varieties, flag varieties and Schubert calculus, spherical varieties, equivariant cohomology, localization and GKM theory. One of my current research interests is the theory of Okounkov bodies. I also have a side interest in quantum information and cryptography (elliptic curve and hyperelliptic curve cryptography).

Position: As of Sep. 1, 2015 I am an associate professor at University of Pittsburgh, PA.

Background :

- Ph.D., University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada (2002)

- B.Math., Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (1996)

E-mail : kaveh AT
Office: Thackeray Hall 424, University of Pittsburgh
Work phone: 412-624-8331
Fax: 412-624-8397