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Research Interests

A list of projects currently underway in the jordan group is listed below.

Accomodation of excess electrons and protons by water networks

Thermodynamics and dynamics of finite systems

Improved methods for locating minima and transitions states on potential energy surfaces

Novel approaches for treating long-range correletion effects

Potential energy landscapes of small biomolecules

Dynamics, spectrocsopy, and thermal properties of clathrate hydrates

Chemistry of adsorbed molecules on metal, semiconductor, and metal oxide surfaces

Improved force fields for simulations of complex chemical systems

Applications of quantum Monte Carlo methods to challenging electronic structure problems

Applications of computational methods to energy-related problems

Kenneth D. Jordan
Dept. of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh,
219 Parkman Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: (412) 624-8690     FAX: (412) 624-8611     email: jordan at
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