Beginning of the Year Party (Sept. 2004)

Another beginning of the year, another beginning of the year party. We bring food, drink, and our best cocktail-party-stories. A Splendid time is guaranteed for all. This year, the main event was an HPS trivia quiz (previous years have seen skits, roasts, and interpretive dance). The winner (Sandy Mitchell) received a gumball machine! Goody Goody!

Are you HPS Savvy? Are you worthy of a gumball machine? Take the HPS gumball-machine trivia challenge!!

Photos courtesy of Balazs Gyenis and Paolo Palmieri

audience benny in action Carola, Ingo, Kohei, and John eaters eating flash your knowledge for a lei
audience.jpg benny in action.jpg Karola, Ingo, Ko... eaters.jpg eating.jpg flash your knowl...
gumball machine! if you listen carefully, you can hear the ocean (aka, the winners' circle) john hiding behind the bottle laura and greg peter, as we all know him philosophers bearing gifts
gumball machine!... if you listen ca... john hiding behi... laura and greg.jpg peter philosophers bea...
runner up runner-up sandy presented with the prize ted, paulo and paula the questioning the spread
runner up.jpg runner-up.jpg sandy presented ... ted, paulo and p... the questioning.jpg the spread.jpg
the winner and the prize
the winner and t...