Beginning of the Year Party:
HPS Gumball-Machine Trivia Challenge (Sept. 2004)

To see an answer, let your mouse hover over the question.

Q. In whose honor is the Adolf Gruenbaum Reading Room named?

Q. What four letters name the elevators that stop at the 10th floor of the Cathedral of Learning?

Q. How much is a single "red eye" in the ground floor Starbucks of the Cathedral of Learning?

Q. On the ground floor of the Cathedral of Learning, what does the lighted sign above each elevator say?

Q. How many revolving doors are there on the ground and first floor of the Cathedral of Learning?

Q. Which of the following is NOT a nationality room in the Cathedral of Learning: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish?

Q. Which prominent HPS faculty member once kept pigs?

Q. Who wrote the work that has been labeled "The Birth of History and Philosophy of Science"?

Q. Which one of the following did not contribute an article to Philosophy of Science, Vol. 1, No. 1 (1934):
Eric Temple Bell, Rudolf Carnap, Albert Einstein, Herbert Feigl, Dirk J. Struik?

Q. Isis is the official journal of the History of Science Society. Whose portrait appears in the front matter of Isis, Vol. 1, No. 1 (1913)?

Q. What was the language of publication of the first issue of Isis?

Q. Where was it published?