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Grad Expo

About Grad Expo

The Grad Expo is an all day event where A&S graduate students from a variety of disciplines present papers and posters to their fellow students, faculty, and other members of the Pitt community. This event provides the opportunity for graduate students to gain experience in presenting their research as well as fostering interdisciplinary communication amongst the departments and programs within the School of Arts and Sciences. It is an opportunity for students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to be exposed to practices and concepts which, while possibly foreign to their field, might nevertheless enrich their work and certainly their academic experience at The University of Pittsburgh.

Grad Expo 2010

When:Monday, March 22nd, 2010
Where:William Pitt Union

2010 Schedule of Events

2010 Winners

Outstanding Papers

  • Early American Ideas of Privacy in Hannah Webster Foster's The Coquette

    Kathleen Davies, English
  • 17th Century “Teleo-Mechanics” in Anatomy: Muscle, Mathematics, and Animal Locomotion

    Peter Distelzweig, History and Philosophy of Science
  • “The Falling Man” and the Narrative of 9/11

    Inga Meier, Theatre Arts
  • Interstate Home Mortgage Lending and the Subprime Crisis

    Yilan Xu, Economics
  • The World Schools Debating Championship as a Laboratory of Mongolian Debate Pedagogy

    Allison Hahn, Communication
  • Childhood Physical Abuse is Associated with Incident Metabolic Syndrome in Mid-Life Women

    Aimee Midei, Psychology
  • Tonic Autoinhibition Contributes to the Heterogeneity of Evoked Dopamine Release in the Rat Striatum

    Keith Moquin, Chemistry
  • Capturing Socialist Style: Fashion Photography in East Germany

    Alexandra Oliver, History of Art and Architecture
  • Huck Finn: All-American Poor White Trash

    Nathaniel Heggins Bryan, English
  • Spirit Resonance: A Comparison of Likenesses in East Asian Portraiture

    Yuki Morishima, History of Art and Architecture
  • Performance of Legal and Illegal Mexican Immigrants in the United States

    Sandra Orozco Aleman, Economics
  • Hobbes, Definitions, and Simple Conceptions

    Marcus Adams, History and Philosophy of Science
  • Page Replacement Algorithms for DRAM Caches in PCM Main Memory

    Miao Zhou, Computer Science
  • The Art of the Geisha: Constructing Feminine Identity and Social Class

    Yuko Eguchi, Music

Outstanding Posters

  • The One-Two Punch: Deer Herbivory and Invasive Plants knock out Population Stability of a Native Forest Wildflower

    Nathan Brouwer, Biological Sciences
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Age-Dependent Changes in the Immune-related Proteome of Senescence-accelerated Mice

    Danielle Gombos, Chemistry
  • Characterizing the Selection Process of Apoliprotein B (ApoB) ER-Associated Degradation (ERAD)

    Sarah Grubb, Biological Sciences
  • Computer Simulations of a Thermodynamic Tug-of-War within an Engineered Two-Domain Protein Switch

    Brandon M. Mills, Chemistry
  • Determining the Structure of the SD2 Domain of Drosophila Shroom

    Swarna Mohan, Biological Sciences