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Opening Remarks

Assembly Room
Dr. Stephen Carr
  • Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
  • A&S GSO Faculty Advisor

Paper Session 1a: Reading Different Kinds of Texts

Room 527

Piero Guicciardini's Rejection of Cecco del Caravaggio's Unorthodox Resurrection Altarpiece

Rachel Miller, History of Art & Architecture

Between Sound and Image: Discovering Deleuze's Affection-Image in the Interstitial Spaces of Godard's Armide

Elizabeth Hoover, Music

Early American Ideas of Privacy in Hannah Webster Foster's The Coquette

Kathleen Davies, English

Re-"Creation": Visual Storytelling and Hybrid Literacies in Selected Picture Bibles from Twelfth-Century Spain through Robert Crumb's The Book of Genesis Illustrated (2009)

Julia Finch, History of Art & Architecture

Paper Session 1b: Diverse Approaches to the Study of Humans and Culture

Room 539

17th Century "Teleo-Mechanics" in Anatomy: Muscle, Mathematics, and Animal Locomotion

Peter Distelzweig, History and Philosophy of Science

Rhetoric and the Tuskegee Legacy: How a President and Public Health Researchers Address Minority Involvement in Biomedical Research

Autumn Boyer, Communication

Abandoned Structures as Contest Sites: Interboro's Architectural Interventions

Izabel Galliera, History of Art & Architecture

Discipline and Power in Victim's Rights Discourse

Amber Kelsie, Communication

Paper Session 1c: Reading and Re-Reading Reality in Media

Room 540

Surviving the Warsaw Ghetto and Auschwitz: The Role of Alternative Communities During the Holocaust

Erin Alpert, Slavic

"Mewling and Puking" or "Good in Everything": The Power of Language to Represent and Form Reality in As You Like It

Dave Peterson, Theatre Arts

Animating Mo(ve)ments: William Kentridge as the Magician and Surgeon In Contemporary South Africa

Ljudmila Bilkic, German

"The Falling Man" and the Narrative of 9/11

Inga Meier, Theatre Arts

Paper Session 1d: The Political, the Economic, and Society: Quantitative Approaches

Room 548

Rethinking Technocracy as an Economic and Political System: Market Socialist Formulation and Application to International Development

Yusuf Izmirlioglu, Economics

Interstate Home Mortgage Lending and the Subprime Crisis

Yilan Xu, Economics

The Influence of Domestic Political Institutions on PTAs (Preferential Trade Agreements)

Jungwon Yang, Political Science

Estimating Fundraising Productivity Differences among Charitable Organizations: Evidence from Environmental Charities

Jipeng Zhang, Economics

Poster Judging Begins


The Genetics of Mycobacterium smegmatis Biofilms and Sliding Motility

Amrita Balachandran, Biological Sciences

Investigating the impacts of underground bituminous coal mining: An interdisciplinary approach

Jessica Benner, Geology & Planetary Science
Alison Hale, Biological Sciences
Megan Witkowski, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Extending the Lifetime of New Generation Memory Technologies

Santiago Bock, Computer Science

The one-two punch: deer herbivory and invasive plants knock out population stability of a native forest wildflower

Nathan Brouwer, Biological Sciences

Epoch-based phases in parallel applications

Socrates Demetriades, Computer Science

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Functionalized With Polyaniline for Chemical Gas/Vapor Detection

Mengning Ding, Chemistry

Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Early Molecular Events Underlying Innate Immune and Inflammatory Responses in Mouse Middle Ear Epithelial Cells

Allison Doyle, Biological Sciences

Transactive memory and power: Do leaders have greater access to different types of information?

Joshua Fetterman, Psychology
Dr. Richard Moreland

Comprehensive Analysis of Age-dependent Changes in the Immune-related Proteome of Senescence-Accelerated Mice

Danielle Gombos, Chemistry

Characterizing the selection process of Apolipoprotein B (ApoB) ER-Associated Degradation (ERAD)

Sarah Grubb, Biological Sciences

A generalization of Weyl's curvature by null geodesic deviation

Jonathan Holland, Mathematics

Alternative thermodynamics of binding replication and repair polymerases to primed DNA

Hsiang-Kai Lin, Chemistry

Computer simulations of a thermodynamic tug-of-war within an engineered two-domain protein switch

Brandon M. Mills, Chemistry
Lillian T. Chong, Chemistry

Determining the Structure of the SD2 domain of Drosophila Shroom.

Swarna Mohan, Biological Sciences

Mycobacteriophage LysB proteins assist phage infection by releasing mycolic acids from the cell wall

Kimberly Payne, Biological Sciences

BOLD fMRI accumulation signals modulate based on the consistency of evidence during perceptual decisions

Elisabeth J. Ploran, Psychology

Flowering phenology and assortative mating in Plantago lanceolata

Sasha Rohde, Biological Sciences

Does the Caregiving Environment Mediate the Association between Institutional Interventions and Children's Developmental Outcomes?

Johana M. Rosas, Psychology

Electrocatalytic Activity of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotube Cups

Yifan Tang, Chemistry

ADHD and Adolescent Alcohol Use: The Protective Role of Parental Knowledge

Christine Walther, Psychology

Interpreting the Chinese aspect marker "le" by English learners

Jing Wang, Linguistics

Disentangling Gravity and Dark Energy

Anja Weyant, Physics & Astronomy

Identifying Problem Localization in Peer-Review Feedback

Wenting Xiong, Computer Science

Characterization of a Functional DnaG-type Primase in Archaea: Implications for a Dual Primase System

Zhongfeng Zuo, Chemistry Department

Paper Session 2a: Qualitative Methodologies in Diverse Research

Room 527

Informal Encounters with Non-Cartesian Environments: Visitors' Reactions to Cecil Balmond's H-Edge Installation

Cristina Albu, History of Art & Architecture

The World Schools Debate Championship as a Laboratory of Mongolian Debate Pedagogy

Allison Hahn, Communication

Problems of Reductionist Approach to Analyzing Religious Change–a Case Study of World Value Survey

Mohammad Mozumder, Sociology

Popular Religiosity Among Teachers in Public Elementary Schools in Turkey

Selman Yilmaz, Sociology

Paper Session 2b: Quantitative Methodologies in the Social Sciences

Room 539

Childhood Physical Abuse is Associated with Incident Metabolic Syndrome in Mid-Life Women

Aimee Midei, Psychology

Are Women Keeping Women from Top Positions?

Jay Schwarz, Economics

The Effects of Newcomer Status on Ostracism

Jeffrey Flagg, Psychology

An Intergenerational Framework for Analyzing Female Labor Market Puzzle

Mehmet Soytas, Economics

Paper Session 2c: Bioanalytical Studies

Room 540

Tonic Autoinhibition Contributes to the Heterogeneity of Evoked Dopamine Release in the Rat Striatum

Keith Moquin, Chemistry

The Influence on Inhibitory Control from Adolescence to Adulthood

Sarah Ordaz, Psychology

A Mechanistic Mathematical Model of Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Mark Tronzo, Mathematics

Identification of Polyomavirus Inhibitors

Sandlin Seguin, Biological Sciences

Paper Session 2d: Issues of State Identity, Culture, and Power

Room 548

The Non-Uniformity of 'In-Betweenness' in André Weckman's La Roue du Paon: A Literary Treatment of the Political-Cultural Debate over France-Alsace Relationships

David Spieser-Landes, French & Italian

Capturing Socialist Style: Fashion Photography in East Germany

Alexandra Oliver, History of Art & Architecture

Envisioning a Non-European Empire in Nikolai Gumilev's Abyssinian Poetry

Elise Thorsen, Slavic

Rhetoric of Victory: Coventry Cathedral, World War II and the Cold War

Courtney Skipton Long, History of Art & Architecture

Poster Judging Concludes


Paper Session 3a: Media Forms and Issues of Race, Class, and Power

Room 527

The Business of Being Born: Print Culture and Childbirth in Seventeenth-Century London

Katie Phelps, History

Huck Finn: All-American Poor White Trash

Nathaniel Heggins Bryant, English

"Now Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" Eminem and the Power of Parody

Richard Beach Gray, Slavic

Representing Rwanda: The Postcolonial Unspeakable in Diop's Murambi

Racheal Forlow, English

Paper Session 3b: Media Forms and Cultural Politics

Room 539

Spirit Resonance: A Comparison of Likenesses in East Asian Portraiture

Yuki Morishima, History of Art & Architecture

Allergic to Semi-Automatic Gunfire: Krumping's Dangerous Bodies and Deviant Spaces

Ariel Nereson, Theatre Arts

Finding Japan in Kumidaiko: Identity Politics and Representations within a "Modern" Performance Art

Benjamin Pachter, Music

Creating Heroic Bodies: Battles for a New Italian Hero

Wayne Leavitt, French & Italian

Paper Session 3c: Migrant and Immigrant Issues

Room 548

Performance of Legal and Illegal Mexican Immigrants in the United States

Sandra Orozco Aleman, Economics

Predicting Short-term and Long-term International Migration Desires

Man Yu Li, Psychology

Educational Selectivity in US Migration: Differences Between Legal and Illegal Mexican Immigrants

Heriberto Gonzalez Lozano, Economics

Undercover Haitians: 1991-1994 Haitian Crisis and its Affect on Second-Generation Haitian Immigrants Attending South Florida Magnet Schools Outside their District

Yven Destin, Sociology

Paper Session 4a: Philosophy of Science across Disciplines

Room 527

The Limits of Narrative in Enhancement Medicine

Racheal Borgman, Communication

Hobbes, Definitions, and Simple Conceptions

Marcus Adams, History & Philosophy of Science

Fluid Evidential Reasoning: An Alternative Model of Belief Formation, Maintenance, and Expression for the Cognitive Science of Religion

Marco Dozzi, Religious Studies

Projective Geometry and the Origins of the Dirac Equation

Thomas Pashby, History & Philosophy of Science

Paper Session 4b: Mapping Human and Social Worlds across the Disciplines

Room 539

Face Recognition Using Random Walks on Graphs: Real-Time Learning without Specific Feedback

Michal Valko, Computer Science

Present Biased Preferences and the Constrained Consumer

Hyeon Park, Economics

Using Practical TDMA to Efficiently Report Events in Wireless Sensor Networks

John Yackovich, Computer Science

Page Replacement Algorithms for DRAM Caches in PCM Main Memory

Miao Zhou, Computer Science

Paper Session 4c: Gender Issues in Literature, Theater, and Music

Room 548

The Problem with Passing

Amy Romanowski, French & Italian

The Art of the Geisha: Constructing Feminine Identity and Social Class

Yuko Eguchi, Music

As You Like "It": A Cognitive Approach to Audience Perception of the Androgynous Elizabethan Boy Actor

Kristi Good, Theatre Arts

The Discovery and Erotic Crystallization of Reading in The Archeologist by André Pieyre de Mandiargues

Andrea Jonsson, French & Italian

Reception and Awards Presentation for Paper and Poster Presenters

Qdoba, Forbes Avenue, Oakland