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Personalized Exploratorium for Database Courses

This project is developing an innovative tool that allows Information Science students to develop practical SQL skills through the use of interactive automatically evaluated exercises and examples. They are adapting an existing technology for automatic evaluation of SQL exercises (SQL-Tutor) developed at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand by Dr. Antonija Mitrovic and developing a complementary script-based evaluation technology. This project is providing a complimentary set of interactive SQL examples for the original SQL-Tutor technology and enhancing it with personalized guidance that is known to increase student engagement and success rate. Achieving better engagement and success rate is essential to adapting the original SQL-Tutor technology to a different target audience that is less prepared and less motivated to work with interactive exercises. To explore the value of individualized exercises, examples, and personalization in the context of Database courses, the University of Pittsburgh also is running several formative and summative classroom studies.

This project is supported by NSF (Directorate for Education & Human Resources) through Award #0633494


QuizGuide for SQL course: Topic-based Adaptive Navigation Service

  • QuizGuide provides adaptive navigation support for SQL-KnoT
  • QuizGuide uses CUMULATE topic-based inference engine to get information about student knowledge
  • All topics are annotated with icons using "target-arrow" abstraction

WebEx for SQL course: Interactive Annotated SQL Examples

  • WebEx provides interface for student to interactively explore code explanation by SQL code lines
  • Conceptual model of every example is expressed as a set of ontological concepts allowing track the progress of user knowledge
  • Group and personal progress are expressed by social navigation

SQL-KnoT (Knowledge Tester): Centralized Course Portal

  • SQL-KnoT is parameterized and automatic SQL problem generator and evaluator over various sample databases
  • SQL-KnoT is available in direct mode and in QuizGuide mode
  • 40 templates and over 400 actual questions and each question is indexed with ontological concepts and topics to track students' status

KnowledgeTree: Centralized Course Portal

  • KnowledgeTree is course portal providing access to all learning contents and centralized approach to distributed learning environments
  • Social navigation indicating content popularity and personal progress

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