Some Seminar Materials
Current Graduate Seminar (with complete video for all 14 sessions):
Antirepresentationalism as Neopragmatism and Global Expressivism(2020)
Recent Graduate Seminars (with complete audio):
Wilfrid Sellars: Early Years and Flourishing 1947-1962 (2019)
Philosophy of Language:
Normative Pragmatics, Inferential Semantics, and Metalinguistic Expressivism
Making It Explicit and Between Saying and Doing(2018)
Hegel's Phenomenology (2017)
FAGI-Humboldt Lectures (Leipzig 2015-2019)
"A Pragmatist Semantic Reading of Hegel's Phenomenology:
18 Lectures from A Spirit of Trust"
(Text only. Video available on "Video and Audio" page.)
Philosophical Naturalism (2006)