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::: center home >> being here >> last donut? >> 6 April 2006

Thursday, 6 April 2006
Steb Hiswes dna Khants NURPH NEBBRIA

Nurph Nebbria ash bene kringow dahr ni het trecen...

No I mean: Brian Hepburn has been working hard in the Center for three years now. At the end of this year he will be moving on to  greater things. So we took the occasion of our last bi-weekly lunch of the term to surprise him with a cake. It is a small way to thank him for all the behind the scenes magic that he has wrought. If someone needs a projector set up, or their laptop is misbehaving, or we really need to to find the furfle, before we can say "Brian...!?, it's done.

What about Nurph Nebbria? Well, give a smart guy a name plate with movable letters and you can fill in the rest!

John D. Norton

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