Kuntu Repertory Theatre

Department of Africana Studies
University of Pittsburgh
4140 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

The mission of Kuntu Repertory Theatre is to examine Africana life from a sociopolitical, historical perspective and to combine the salient features of theater that educates, entertains, and moves both performers and audiences to social action. Kuntu exists to create, preserve, and present the wonderful artistic dreams, legacies, and history of Africans throughout the Diaspora.

Kuntu is a word from the Bantu family of languages of the native peoples of Central and West Africa. Kuntu combines the salient features of dance, music, and words as a single art entity. The aesthetic and philosophical base of Kuntu drama flows from the mores, rituals, and traditions of West Africa, Nubia, and Ancient Kemet.

Kuntu provides the community three types of programming: four annual mainstage productions; and touring productions and workshop and master classes in psychodrama and theatre for senior citizens, out-of-school youth, and beginning and professional actors. Kuntu is the oldest and largest continuing African American performing arts organization in Pittsburgh. It is the second oldest African American theater company affiliated with a major university.