PRIM Family Newsletter


Dear Moms, Dads, and Multiplets,

Welcome to the first ever PRIM online newsletter!  Some of you may have been members of the registry for several years while others have just joined or are possibly considering contacting me to join in the future.  No matter what the case, we hope this website give you greater insight into our registry. 

PRIM originated in 1996.  Since then we have enrolled 288 families and the number grows nearly each day. 

Studies involving twins and other multiplets are especially important to increasing understanding of how genetic and environmental factors influence variation in development. 

One recent study focused on activity and attention.  Some of your children may even have been involved in this study so keep your eyes open for the pending publication of those results.  We'll notify you of the highlights of that report as well as where you can find the entire published article once it goes into print. 

We hope if you have any questions or comment that you feel welcome to contact us.  I don't have all the answers but I'd be happy to help you find other resources if I cannot answer your question.  My phone number is 412-648-8469 or you can email me. 

We hope you are all well and enjoying the unique experience of having multiplets in your family. 

Warmest regards,

Tanya Eble
PRIM Coordinator

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