Other Twin Sites


Interesting Sites for Twins and Parents


Twins World

This is a fun page that will keep you up-to-date on twin events, contests, jokes, stories, advice, and more. 


National Organization of Mothers of Twins

This organization calls itself a support group for parents of twins and higher multiples.  The site seeks to raise public awareness of the needs of multiple birth children, and to provide support, advice and a social network to families of multiple birth children. 



Twin Research Sites


Mid Atlantic Twin Registry

This registry include twins born in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.  It is an excellent resource for research, twin stories, and general information about twins.  This resource is maintained by the Medical College of Virginia of Virginia Commonwealth College.


MIT Twins Study

The page is primarily dedicated to the study of language development.  This study is supervised by Jennifer Ganger, the director of the University of Pittsburgh Twin Study of Language Development.


Several Journal Article Abstracts and references

This site provides abstracts and references to several twin study journal articles.  The primary focus is the value of twin studies for learning about genetic and environmental influences on the development of behaviors and physical attributes.


The Twin MAPS Study

Memory, attention, and problem solving are the primary interests of this study.  This page provides information about the progress of this project, funding, publications, and collaboration. 


The Australian Twin Registry

This useful site provides information designed for twins and researchers.  The Australian Twin Registry encourages researchers to contact them.


International Society for Twin Studies

Information on membership, journals, and events are available at this site. 


Institute for Behavioral Genetics University of Colorado

This site provides a variety of useful links, including some to their twin studies.


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