Applet HTML Page   Group 1

Grant Friedline, Robert Frankeny & Thomas Sutcavage


  1. Select “Encoding”
  2. Click on the toggle button until reads “Encoding”.
  3. Press the “START ENCODING” button to process the next character.
  4. Observe the dictionary entries and comments as each letter combination is added.
  5. Return to step 3 until done. The “START ENCODING” button will gray out when there is nothing left to encode.




1.      The decoding function becomes active once the entire string was been encoded. Or you can click on the decompress toggle button until reads “Decode”.

2.      Click “START DECODING’ until entire encoded string has been decoded.


Start over

  1. To start over, press the “START OVER” button.
  2. Start over will reset the active process, encoding or decoding.


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