Merseburg Incantations

Merseburger Zaubersprüche

freely translated
from Old High German by

D. L. Ashliman

© 1998

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Once the Idisi set forth, to this place and that;
Some fastened fetters; some hindered the horde,
Some loosed the bonds from the brave --
Leap forth from the fetters! Escape from the foes!


Phol and Wodan rode into the woods,
There Balder's foal sprained its foot.
It was charmed by Sinthgunt, her sister Sunna;
It was charmed by Frija, her sister Volla;
It was charmed by Wodan, as he well knew how:
Bone-sprain, like blood-sprain,
Like limb-sprain:
Bone to bone; blood to blood;
Limb to limb -- like they were glued.

Revised September 23, 1998.