Rational Points and Galois Representations

An online workshop hosted by the University of Pittsburgh

May 10-12, 2021

This three-day workshop is meant to bring together mathematicians with interest in rational points on algebraic curves, Galois representations, and related topics. Due to Covid-19, it will be occurring online via Zoom.


Please fill out the Zoom meeting registration form for the workshop. Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to distribute this link. There is no cost to register.

The Program

We are delighted to feature a colloquium presentation by Prof. Kirsten Wickelgren, seven research talks, one coding and database demo session, and one problem discussion session moderated by Prof. David Zureick-Brown. There will also be simultaneous chat sessions hosted on the Discord platform, with chat access information distributed to registered participants.


Advance contributors to the Problem Discussion Session (Moderator: David Zureick-Brown, Emory University)

Welcoming Environment

Please join your fellow participants in working to create a welcoming environment for everyone at this workshop, in the spirit of the AMS Policy on a Welcoming Environment. As part of this effort, the organizers ask that all participants display the full name that they use in their professional work in the Zoom and Discord sessions. Questions or concerns about the workshop environment can be directed to any of the organizers.


Schedule of sessions and speakers/contributors.

The ten sessions of the workshop are distributed 3-4-3 over Mon-Tues-Wed, May 10-12. The daily schedule aims at daylight hours ranging from the North American Pacific coast to Central Europe.


Titles and abstracts of the various presentations will be posted here around one week before the workshop begins.


We gratefully acknowledge support of this workshop by Pitt Momentum Funds and the Pitt Department of Mathematics.


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