Between Saying and Doing:
Towards an Analytic Pragmatism
Robert Brandom
Trinity Term 2006, Oxford University
The lectures will take place Wednesdays from 3 May to 7 June at 5pm at the Gulbenkian Lecture Theatre, St. Cross Building, Manor Road.
The work presented in these lectures was made possible by generous funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
  The Lectures
Lecture One (3 May) "Extending the Project of Analysis"
Lecture Two (10 May) "Elaborating Abilities: The Expressive Role of Logic"
Lecture Three (17 May) "Artificial Intelligence and Analytic Pragmatism"
Lecture Four (24 May) "Modality and Normativity: From Hume and Quine to Kant and Sellars"
Lecture Five (31 May) "Incompatibility, Modal Semantics, and Intrinsic Logic"
Lecture Six (7 June) "Intentionality as a Pragmatically Mediated Semantic Relation"
Following the links above you will find handouts and literature associated with each lecture. Video of the lectures as given in Prague (together with audience discussion) is available here.
Update (19 June, 2008): The versions of the lectures available here are those delivered in Prague, Czech Republic, 28-30 April, 2007, except in the case of Lecture Five, whose appendices have been since revised.
  Contact Information
Prof. Robert Brandom
University of Pittsburgh
Department of Philosophy, 1001 CL
Pittsburgh, PA  15260