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Why I was Vaccinated

I Am Vaccinated: Students Explain Why

There are so many reasons to get your COVID-19 vaccine. We asked a few members of our campus community why they got theirs — here’s what they said. Learn more at

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a man in a dark jacket and blue suit with his folded hands at his chin

‘Where is My Justice?’

Former death row prisoner Anthony Ray Hinton shared his emotional story at the opening session of the 2021 Diversity Forum.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Oakland Hotel with the Cathedral of Learning in the distance

Pitt Redevelopment to Address Neighborhood Goals in Oakland

The University of Pittsburgh plans to add a grocery store and nonstudent housing at a key site connecting Central and South Oakland.

  • Community Impact
Dalya Berkowitz

Mentorship Starts Student on the Right Foot

Rising senior Dalya Berkowitz credits her mentor, Pitt political scientist Burcu Savun, with the support and research experience needed to give her career in international relations a running start.

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The Latest Vaccine Incentive Prize Winners

Fill out Pitt’s Vaccination Disclosure Form today for your chance to win gift cards, cash and other prizes. It takes less than a minute.

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