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Dog wearing scarecrow costume

We rate Pitt therapy dog Halloween costumes

See what pups were wearing in the Cathedral’s most fur-raising night of the year. Plus, hear from students organizing to spread the puppy love.

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Student studying alone next to large window

Places to study besides the library

If your usual study spot in Hillman is closed, we’ve got a few ideas for where else to go.

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Pitt dentist wearing blue and gold Pitt cap working on patient

Mission of Mercy dental clinic brought smiles to hundreds in the Pittsburgh region

Pitt Dental Medicine helped provide free care, from cleanings to root canals, for those who needed it most.

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Pitt takes on sponsorship of Pittsburgh Speakers Series

The 2021-2022 season features a former national security advisor, the #MeToo founder, a former UK Prime Minister and more.

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Six Tree of Life scholars sitting together

See an archive of student reactions to the Tree of Life massacre

Memorabilia, notes, programs, historical documents and more are now housed at the Senator John Heinz History Center. Learn how students and faculty curated the materials.

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