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The city of Pittsburgh at night with a heart displayed utilizing a building's windows

Students Cautioned on South Side Crime

As students return to campus in large numbers, Pitt Public Safety and Student Affairs are delivering a clear message: Always use common sense when exploring the city or a new area.

  • Our City/Our Campus
Six students crossing the road at a crosswalk

Walking, Biking, Driving or Scootering? Safety First!

As Pitt continues to welcome students, faculty and staff to campus, traveling safely through Oakland has never been more important. Keep these reminders top of mind.

  • Our City/Our Campus
Student in white shirt holding laptop in front of shrubbery

Global Experiences Office Reinvents Study Abroad

Study abroad has a new name — the Global Experiences Office — and a new approach. Students can now get a truly global education from anywhere.

  • Global
Arrows and molecule models in red, grey and green

Developing a New Type of Quantum Memory

Pitt physicist Jeremy Levy and a multidisciplinary team want to develop a new approach to building quantum computer memory.

  • Technology & Science
  • Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
Man presenting a machine in front of a class

Makerspace Program Helps People with Disabilities Design and Build Tech for Daily Life

From guitar picks to cup holders, assistant professor Anand Mhatre’s community-based class is helping people build their own assistive and fun technologies.

  • Technology & Science
  • Community Impact
  • School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences