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Sign-up for Paid Participation in Economics Experiments

Researchers at University of Pittsburgh Experimental Economics Laboratory are conducting studies designed to test theories about individual decision making. Students are invited to participate and will be paid for their participation. Depending the decisions that students make, they usually earn from $6 to $20 per hour. Experiments typically last between one and two hours. Participants are paid in cash at the end of the experiment.

Participation does not require any special knowledge or skills. You will remain totally anonymous in the experiment. Your grades in your classes will not be affected. You can withdraw from an experiment at any time without any prejudice towards you. All experiments and methodologies are approved by the Institutional Review Board at the University of Pittsburgh.

Please make sure to register using your @pitt.edu email address. It is occasionally necessary to overbook studies. To make sure you have a spot in studies you sign up for, please arrive early. If you arrive on time for a session that is already full, you will be dismissed but will be paid a show up fee and you will be eligible to participate in subsequent sessions of the study.