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Notes of PAWSitivity During These Trying Times

The University’s Center for Creativity has partnered with the Random Note Project for Random PAWSitivity, a year-long collaborative project to connect people through simple notes in ways that are meaningful and inspirational. Throughout the year you’re likely to see these note cards affixed to benches, taped to trees or stuck to doorframes, waiting to be discovered and brighten someone’s day.

How It Works

  1. Print out a blank Random PAWSitivity note, or make your own.
  2. Write, draw, collage, paint or otherwise create a mini-work of art to inspire joy, share something meaningful to you or make a positive difference in someone’s day.
  3. Place your work somewhere that it can be discovered by someone else.

Print out your own four-note or six-note templates. Participants are encourged to check out the seven principles established by Leave No Trace when placing their cards.

Read more about the collaboration and tips for participating.