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Intro to Pitt Commercialization Webinar

Are you curious about the Pitt commercialization process or how technology is transferred from research to the market?

Explore the step by step path to commercialization in this online webinar hosted by the Innovation Institute.

Introduction to Pitt Commercialization (webinar)
"I Have an Invention From My Research, Now What?"

Oct.13, 2020
Noon-1 p.m. via Zoom

We'll focus on an overview of the lab to market process and will highlight the main points along the way with an emphasis on the initial step—submitting an invention disclosure. 

Hear from:

  • Maria Vanegas, senior licensing manager 
  • Andrew Brown, SciVelo, 
  • John Cordier, CEO of Pitt spinout Epistemix

Please join us for this webinar! Register online.