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Building Access Enhancements Launched This Week

Keeping campus safety at the forefront, Pittsburgh campus building access will continue to be restricted to authorized Pitt ID card holders during the spring term and established safety protocols will continue to be used at designated entrances. Faculty and staff can request access through the Authority to Operate (ATO) system, with approval granted by Responsibility Center administrators or assigned departmental approvers. 

Business and Operations rolled out streamlined features—ATO 2.0—on Jan. 4 in collaboration with Pitt IT, the Office of the Provost and the Office of Human Resources. Existing ATO data was migrated into ATO 2.0 and enhancements include a simplified access request process, the ability to customize access requests by day and frequency including one-time access, enhanced email confirmations and simplified dashboards for Responsibility Centers to easily monitor building access.

Training and demonstration sessions are scheduled for Responsibility Center administrators over the next two weeks. Information on building access, including how to request, approve and monitor access; as well as training materials and FAQs are posted on the Facilities Management Building Status webpage. Contact Laura Zullo, director of administration for Business and Operations, at lwzfm1 [at] pitt.edu with any questions or requests for additional information regarding access protocols.