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The University of Pittsburgh issues a statement of support for Ukraine

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The University of Pittsburgh stands with those across higher education in condemning Russia’s invasion of the independent and democratic nation of Ukraine. 

Pitt has a rich history of working with colleagues and students from and within Ukraine, with long-standing research and academic relationships. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and for the scholarly and research communities there: We are deeply concerned both for their safety and their ability to exercise the ideals of free speech and inquiry at the heart of our shared mission. 

We remain committed to supporting all Pitt community members here who have been impacted by these events, especially our community members from Ukraine and Russia. For students seeking support resources, please reach out to deanofstudents [at] pitt.edu. Faculty and staff support is available through Life Solutions.


— Ariel Armony
Vice Provost for Global Affairs
Director, University Center for International Studies