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Students: Keep Connected and Safe with These Three Apps

A student in a blue shirt walks down the sidewalk in a face mask and holding an umbrella and phone
Through Pitt IT, members of the University community have access to a variety of digital tools and resources that together enrich the Pitt experience no matter where users may roam.

Download these apps now for access to features like coursework tracking, in-app private messaging with peers, account security and even virtual escorts for safety during any late-night emergency outings.

Pitt Mobile

The Pitt Mobile app enables users to stay on top of coursework, as well as stay connected with peers, all with one mobile-optimized interface.

You can add events to your in-app personal calendar, connect with friends via in-app private messaging and access dozens of tools.

Read more about Pitt Mobile and download the app.

Rave Guardian

The premier mobile app for safety, Rave Guardian offers access to information users need to remain safe, as well as features providing proactive security.

Key resources include an emergency call button, the Safety Timer virtual escort, links to numerous health and safety resources and even a mechanism for submitting anonymous tips to campus security.

Read more about Rave Guardian and download the app.

Duo Mobile

Multifactor authentication through Duo Mobile ensures secure access to Pitt systems protected by Pitt Passport. It combines something only you know—your password—with something only you have—your phone.

With the Duo Mobile app, you get an alert on your phone after logging into Pitt Passport. Just click “Accept” and you’re in. If someone is trying to get into your account, click “Deny” and change your password to keep the hacker out.

Now, Duo is even easier to use with the Remember Me feature. From the Pitt Passport site, select “Remember me for 24 hours” and Duo won’t send you repeated alerts for the day, so long as you’re logging in on the same device.

Read more about Duo Mobile and download the app here.

And, don’t forget: In addition to the above, every member of the Pitt community has access to a variety of iOS and Android apps through Pitt IT.