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Your questions about doing research at Pitt, answered

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On May 1, the research community at Pitt will gain access to a new service: The Pitt Research Navigator is one source for all research-related questions, no matter how small. The tool is part of Pitt’s concierge program, which is unique in its aim to expand research resources to all campuses, schools and disciplines.    

“The Research Concierge Program Initiative is a priority for me,” said Rob A. Rutenbar, senior vice chancellor for research. “Based on focus groups and peer conversations with faculty and research staff, there is a strong need to create a ‘front door’ to research resources. The Navigator is the first of many new services that will launch and provide a more personalized, customer-service approach for our colleagues across the University.”

The Navigator is designed to give researchers a centralized point-of-contact for research resources. Researchers can pittresearchnavigator [at] pitt.edu (subject: Question%20for%20the%20Pitt%20Research%20Navigator) (email) their questions or fill out an online form.

Questions for the Pitt Research Navigator could include:

  • Where can I get help putting together my grant proposal or finding grant writing workshops on campus?
  • What resources are available to help me develop my data management plan?
  • What office can help me find the right documentation for my annual conflict of interest disclosure?
  • What do I need to know to plan my international research project?
  • Who can help me patent my research?

Stefanie Coburn will serve as Pitt’s research navigator on the concierge services team and handle research-related questions and inquiries.

“Stefanie brings 15 years of experience at Pitt helping to ensure that faculty and research-related staff are getting connected to the right tools, trainings and offices for their research,” said Jennifer Woodward, vice chancellor for sponsored programs and research operations.


— Emily Bezak, photography by Alex Mowrey