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Pittwire Tells Stories That Inspire

Two male students reading PIttwire online, one on a tablet and the other on a laptop computer.
The settings of the stories are expansive: a summer internship in Cambodia, a lab focusing on bacteria-killing viruses, a supercomputer's journey to the International Space Station.

The plotlines are compelling: a pair of self-described “academic research moms” changing professional conference culture, two alumnae experiencing a kidney donation-and-transplant process together, a group of librarians and film scholars acquiring a heart-pounding archive of horror-genre gems.   

Coming soon: Pittwire Health

Pittwire’s first spinoff publication, Pittwire Health, will debut this fall.

Pittwire Health will take a deeper dive into University research and other projects that contribute to the understanding and improvement of all aspects of human health — including physical, mental, social and environmental.

Stay tuned!

The characters are inspiring: the people of the University of Pittsburgh — the students, faculty, alumni and staff whose imagination, creativity and drive bring change to the world.

Pittwire is dedicated to telling these stories — inspiring readers across the country and around the globe with the work that the University and its people are doing. Launched in June 2017, Pittwire is the University’s official source for stories that have broad appeal to the public at large and that showcase the best of Pitt's contributions to society.

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Media members are welcome to republish Pittwire stories, photos and videos on their own platforms and in other publications. And the people featured in Pittwire stories are available for further interviews as the basis for new stories by calling the media contact listed at the bottom of the story. More information on republishing is available on Pittwire's About page.

All readers are invited to peruse the site and learn about the research, projects and happenings Pittwire has covered in the past two-plus years and to keep an eye out for the newest stories of Pitt's people and how they're impacting the community, the country and the world.